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Yonder Tasting Case

Yonder Tasting Case

Mixed Case / Varied ABV

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This mixed case is a snapshot of what we do at Yonder. It features beers from classic styles to more experimental brews, as well as seasonal mixed fermentation and barrel aged wild ales, and our core range cans.

Great as a gift to introduce a friend to Yonder.


1x Cloudspotting - Sour Saison (7% ABV - 750ml bottle)
Tart wild ale or saison with tropical fruit-like flavours from 100% Uk ingredients and the addition of foraged Meadowsweet (a herb used top sweeten mead)

1x Raspberry Gose - Loaded with fruit (4% ABV - 440ml can)
More raspberry than you can shake a stick at. It's full bodied like a smoothie, and ends with a lick of Cornish sea salt.

1x Sub Culture - Mixed-Ferm Pale Ale (4.5% ABV - 440ml can)
Blended for a perfect balance of fruity hops (new UK varieties) and a mixed-ferm tang. Pale ale with a Yonder stamp!

1x Loop: Raspberry & Sweet Cicely - Wild Ale (4.7% ABV - 375ml bottle)
Barrel aged and blended with seasonal and foraged ingredients. Fresh raspberries and anise-like Sweet Cicely is a perfect combo!

1x Boogie - Modern Bitter (3.8% ABV - 440ml can)
What is a Modern Bitter? Fruity UK hops, a sweet malty backbone, kveik fermented and a smack of bitterness - in a can!

1x Coolbox - Session Helles Lager (3.5% ABV - 440ml can)
Refreshingly balanced lager brewed with 100% UK ingredients. Biscuit, lemon and a herbal hoppy finish.

1x Rosehip Saison - Foraged Saison (5.2% ABV - 330ml bottle)
Classic yeast-led saison with spice-like esters and a fruity addition of foraged rosehips which adds a touch of acidity.

1x Acapella - Heavyweight Pilsner (5.5% ABV - 440ml can)
Packed full of the best English hops. It's clean, bitter and full of orange pith, pine and a delicious herbal grassiness.

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