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The World is a Plate

At Yonder there are three things that really define us – our obsession with mixed fermentation, local sourced ingredients, and our love of foraging. 

There is no feeling in the world like gathering your own food (or beer ingredients) from the abundance of nature that surrounds us, and it’s a really sustainable way of brewing too. So much of what we make uses stuff we’ve gathered from just a few miles of the brewery, and we almost exclusively use UK grown malts and hops. Combined with our own mixed culture of yeasts and bugs, that means our beer is totally unique – you won’t taste those exact flavours anywhere else in the world.

Foraging is also a great leveller. There’s no cost to it, and if you know what you’re looking for you can find all kinds of exciting ingredients you’d never find in a shop. Obviously what’s available changes throughout the year – there's a great guide here – but there’s always something to gather or inspire you whatever the season. Our flagship wild ale, Loop, is usually made with fruits and herbs we’ve foraged, and our new series of mixed fermentation wild ales called Saison Fourage, is designed specifically to show off the amazing wild ingredients we have here in the South West.

A few months ago we went out foraging in the Mendips, a beautiful set of hills just by the brewery, to see what was growing and I filmed a guide to foraging so you can get started. Just remember that you shouldn’t eat anything unless you’re certain what it is, and you should never forage on private land—because that’s basically someone else’s food!


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